• Video 1: Welcome and thanks from Scott Peterson
  • Video 2: Introduction by moderator Gary Sick
  • Video 3: What is missing from current Iran reporting?
  • Video 4: The significance of the 'sacred' 1980s Iran-Iraq war
  • Video 5: The future of Iran
  • A Death in Tehran / PBS-Frontline
  • The Emmy Award winning PBS-Frontline documentary A Death in Tehran was broadcast in November 2009, and explored the impact of the shooting death of the young opposition supporter Neda Agha-Soltan by a pro-government gunman.
  • The film includes commentary from Scott on the post-election violence. (Watch A Death in Tehran here). Scott gave a detailed interview about the aftermath of the vote, the scale of violence, and what it means for the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic. (See the transcript here.)